As some of you may have heard, the Federation and the El Paso Jewish Academy have recently had some disagreements. However, at this time, the Federation and the EPJA are happy to report that through numerous meetings, we have resolved our differences and we now look forward to what promises to be a fantastic year ahead for the El Paso Jewish Community.


Without question, the Federation supports the EPJA and its mission of educating Jewish children and the EPJA values the Federation and all it continues to do for the benefit of our Jewish Community. Indeed, we are both part of the same El Paso Mishpachah (family).


It is the EPJA's hope that through cooperation and mutual respect, the Federation's campaign will grow, permitting the Federation to offer greater support in the future to all Jewish institutions who apply for Federation grants, including the EPJA. It is the Federation's hope that, moving forward, the EPJA will be empowered to focus on its mission for many years to come, permitting the continued cultivation of young Jewish minds for the benefit of the next generation in our Jewish community.


Together, we can build a stronger Jewish Community today and continue to work together to build a bright future for tomorrow. We look forward to your continued support.


Very Sincerely,


Eitan Lavi, President Jacob Barde, President

Jewish Federation of Greater El Paso El Paso Jewish Academy